NEW ALBUM OUT NOW! Purchase your copy at Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.

And here we go!!! After 4 years of hard non-stop work we're now proud to announce that "Quantum Porn", the new and double album of THE SOMNAMBULIST, will be released on May 19th by Slowing Records, our own music label.
The album will be promoted by VolumeUp in Italy and 5ive Roses Press in the rest of Europe, and preceded by a webseries (starring Lady J and E.V.A.) to be released on Youtube channel every Friday at 15:00 (GMT+0100) starting from today.
Happy 2017! The new video "The Slowing Clock" (thanks to the amazing spaceship design by e.v.a.) is now online and the EP "Unbegotten" already available on iTunes, Spotify and many many other digital stores: you can also purchase a physical CD (featuring Antonio Sánchez Chinchón's artwork) through our Bandcamp page. Stay tuned: we're gonna reveal very, very soon title, cover and release date of our upcoming full-lenght album!


After the singles "Transverberate" and "Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed", it's now time for "Unbegotten", a four-song EP featuring the previous singles and two new songs.
The new EP of THE SOMNAMBULIST will be released on November 4th: on the same evening, you can attend the band performing live for an open recording session at Culture Container in Berlin with the new drummer Valentin Schuster (PeroPero, Edi Nulz). Furthermore, the music video for the next single "The Slowing Clock" is currently in post-production (here a pic from the set for the curious) and soon to be released.
Last summer special! Now available for video streaming the recordings of the original soundtracks for "The General" (1926) by Buster Keaton and "Film" (1965) by Samuel Beckett, written and performed live by Marco Bianciardi with guitar, drums and samplers on August 18th at Fuori Fuoco Film Festival in Monteriggioni (Siena, IT).
And last but not least: the band is now in the roster of PTG Booking Agency for the territory of Italy.

"Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed": new single out on May 12th 2016.
Three months away from "Transverberate", THE SOMNAMBULIST are back again with the second single taken from the forthcoming album! Pre-order it right now from Amazon.
The music video of the song, made by Xokoko, is since today already available for an exclusive streaming window on Rockerilla. And if you're in Berlin, we'd be thrilled to see you join the release party on the same date at Humboldthain

Times are definitely changing: Bowie's no more, gravitational waves have just been detected, and THE SOMNAMBULIST are on MTV.
The music video of "Transverberate" is currently broadcasting in Germany also on Tape TV and Ampya, while the new single (just reviewed in France and Italy by Indie Rock Mag and Shiver) is airing in Netherlands on IndieXL, in France on Noise r'us, in Italy on Musica RadioOhm, and worldwide via Jango: you can now buy it at many online shops such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

THE SOMNAMBULIST is awakening! New single "Transverberate" out on January 30th 2016.
We'll celebrate the release with a live concert in Berlin on the same day at Tiefgrund.
"Transverberate" and the B-side "Ultramarine Blues" are the first songs taken from the forthcoming album of the band, recorded last summer and scheduled for release in this year.
The music video, directed by Susanne Schmidt and shot at Dockx Berlin, is already available online for streaming, as well as the pre-order of the single from Amazon.

After some gigs in Berlin and Italy and an extensive rehearsal work during the last winter, the band is ready to record the new album. Pre-production, recording and mixing sessions will be done from July until October in Berlin at Pebble Music Studio in Funkhaus Nalepastraße, under the production of Chris Lastelle (Elyas Khan, Gentlemen & Assassins).

Statistically amazing! "Die Sinfonie der Großstadt" wins a double joint 1st prize at Rimusicazioni Film Festival 2014
"for the originality of the musical textures and the ability to give a modern interpretation of the images while preserving the charm and the classicism of the documentary."

Today we launch the crowdfunding campaign for THE SOMNAMBULIST's next album with a new movie of the band
The campaign will be promoted through a series of gigs in Germany, Poland and Italy with the new drummer Luca Andriola (Ulan Bator, Sexy Rexy): check out the "live" page for more details. 

This week THE SOMNAMBULIST will tour in Poland, five gigs in Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Gdańsk Gorzów Wlkp. Visit the LIVE section for details.
On the live playlist on Youtube you can now find three new songs, taken from the recording session in Berlin at Culture Container made on Saturday 18th of Janaury, 2014. 

After a warm-up gig in Leipzig together with Appaloosa on the 14th of November, THE SOMNAMBULIST has recorded a demo of three new songs, already available on Bandcamp: "Goddamnland", "Ronald Stark" and "The Science of Hidden Purposes".
This recording session, engineered by Till Kreische, took place in Antje Øklesund on the 19th of November and it ended with a live performance who has been caught on a video soon to be released on YouTube.
In the meanwhile, in France, a review about the last gig in Paris has been published on W-Fenec and the band performed "Die Sinfonie der Großstadt" at the beginning of the month in Briançon, Grenoble, Vevey and Bourg-en-Bresse; you can also watch Marco Bianciardi performing "Steam" for Balcony TV on Dailymotion.

Das Schlafwandlerfest II will take place in Berlin at Marie Antoinette on the 11th of October: six bands on stage, two DJs and a music-fleamarket with Foxhole Music Shop and many others.
Three new interviews are out: Marco Bianciardi interviewed by Milena Kopper on Musikschreibladen (in German), by Ted of W-Fenec (in French), and Anna Calvi interviewed by Marco Bianciardi on iCrates Magazine (in English).

entries for THE SOMNAMBULIST: Manuel Kailuweit (Wrong, Jane Walton, already guitar in "Live in Berlin") and Thomas Kolarczyk (Tone Raw, Tokai, Symphonie Orchester Schöneberg). 
The new line-up did already debut last month at the Mystique Festival in Magdeburg and Das Schlafwandlerfest I at Antje Øklesund, the new series of music festivals in Berlin directly organized by the band: the next appointment will be in October, but you can watch on Youtube the movie about this first edition, together with some new live videos.
THE SOMNAMBULIST will also play in Paris at L'Étrange Festival with Ulan Bator on the 17th of September, while "Die Sinfonie der Großstadt" will be performed in Cagliari on the 4th of October at Karel Music Expo
In the meanwhile, new reviews of "Sophia Verloren" are out in France, Benelux and Germany: W-Fenec, File Under, MusicZine, Taz, Musikschreibladen.

Big bunch of news this month about THE SOMNAMBULIST, right back from touring in Italy: on the 4th of April and with the help of Goethe Institut, the band will play again the original live soundtrack for the movie "Berlin - Die Sinfonie der Großstadt"  at the Cinematheque of Tolouse;
"Resume Where God Has Stopped", the first of a series of three video of the band caught on stage during the last February tour, it's available for streaming at THE SOMNAMBULIST's playlists on Youtube.
And last but not least, some more reviews of "Sophia Verloren" are already out in Benelux (Gonzo Circus), France (À découvrir absolutement, Abus Dangereux), and Italy (Indie-eye REC, LSDmagazine).

After the next Berliner gig on the 6th of February in Schokoladen, the band will tour in Italy from the 14th until the 24th of February: 11 gigs between Bologna, Venezia, Firenze, Siena, Pisa and Arezzo: check out the dates on the LIVE page. In the meanwhile, one new review from France on Benzine Magazine and two more from Italy on Rockerilla and Shiver.

Some more reviews from Germany (Revolver Club, Laut), France (STNT, Foutraque, La Musique A Son Top) and Italy (Il Manifesto, Blow Up, Strategie Oblique).
And new radio airplays: K-Fuel Canal B, Rien à Banler, Jazzfunkt Freies Radio Stuttgart.

A wonderful review is out in France on Indie Rock Mag: an interview is coming soon.
While in Germany the CD has been reviewed on Sound & Image and it's gonna be airing on Kölncampus Radio, and in Italy "Logsailor" is in the Vol.21 of the Shiver Webzine compilation.

"My Own Paranormal Activity", "A Daisy Field" and "Steam" are in heavy rotation on Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8
The album is airing in France also on Jet FM (Nantes), Grenouille (Marseille) and Eko des Garrigues (Montpellier). In Germany on Oldenburg Eins (UKW 106,5 KABEL 92,75).

New album out today, together with the first reviews in UK (Tasty, Blues Bunny), Germany (Rote Raupe, Titel Magazine, Alternative Nation, CDstarts. Schallgrenzen, Echte Leute), France (Perte et Fracas), Benelux (Caleidoscoop, Music in Belgium) and Italy (SentireAscoltare).

Tonight: Record Release's Eve at Marie Antoinette in Berlin. Doors open at 21:00.

Record Release's Eve for "Sophia Verloren" at Marie Antoinette
in Berlin on the 22.11.12, one day before the release of the new album. On stage: Michael Weilacher, Eli Fabrikant, Arnold Erben and Friederike kenneweg. Opening act: La Batterie. Dj-sets: Ron Petrol & Obeah Man Dj-Team.

This week another tour for "Berlin - Die Sinfonie der Großstadt" in Brest (FR): on the 10th at 11ème Festival Intergalactique de l'Image Alternative, and the day after at the city jail.

The master of "Sophia Verloren" is ready: the new album will be released on 23.11.12 by Solaris Empire and Acid Cobra Records. Distribution: Broken Silence and Cd1d.

This month first tour for the cineconcert "Berlin - Die Sinfonie der Großstadt": Berlin, Paris and Sens.

Tomorrow in Berlin the first of a few concerts of THE SOMNAMBULIST in a solo line-up.
A review about the concert in HBC on 18.11.11,
about Moda Borderline on RockIt and a new interview are online 

Tomorrow THE SOMNAMBULIST live at HBC in Berlin with Lovelanes and Gentlemen&Assassins (Brian Viglione, Elyas Kahn, Sxip Shirey)

"Live in Berlin", our second release for Acid Cobra Records, is out today.
Release Party next Saturday in Genève at Fête de la Ciguë.

New tour in Italy from 28th until June 4th: check the dates out in the live-section.

Almost ready: on Tuesday 10th The Somnambulist will play in Bordeaux for the first time their original live-soundtrack for Walter Ruttmann´s movie "Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt" (1927) during the Printemps des Cinéconcerts review. Supported by Centre Jean Vigo Événements and Goethe Institut.

A video shooted during our concert of yesterday in Berlin is now available for streaming on You can also read in italian on a review about our live opening act for Perturbazione on February 19th, and two interviews to the band on Shiver and Free Art News .

The Moda Borderline Tour goes on this week in Italy and at the end of the month in Switzerland and France together with Lambig Butter Explosion from Genève.
In the meanwhile, we´ll record our next album in Nipozzano (Pelago, Firenze) with Jacopo Andreini from L´Enfance Rouge.

New reviews on W-Fenec, Indie Rock Mag and Shiver, where "Don't You Want To Devour This War?" is present on the 9th volume of their compilation.

Our self-produced video of Red Carpet is out now: check it out on the YouTube Channel
New reviews in France and Italy on Nouvelle Vague, Emoragei and Osservatori Esterni.

Two reviews of our concerts in Paris and Marseille during the last tour in France, and a new one for "Moda Borderline" on Perte et Fracas. Tomorrow at 13:30 an interview with Radio Città Fujiko will be on air around Bologna at 103.100 MHz. 

The Moda Borderline Tour, managed by Ashes to Ashes booking agency, will start the next weekend. Check out the dates further down the page: you can get a personal invitation for the Secret Show in Berlin subscribing to
In the meanwhile you can read two new reviews on SentireAscoltare and À decouvrir absolutement.

Another French review out on La MagicBox.
Moreover, "Red Carpet" is present in the 20th volume of the online compilation "À decouvrir absolutement".

First two reviews in France for "Moda Borderline" on Foutraque and MuzzArt, where it's now distributed by cd1d.

"Moda Borderline", the debut album of The Somnambulist, is out today.
Release party in Berlin this evening at Antje Øklesund, 10:00 PM. 

The Somnambulist will play in Berlin three concerts during this month at Antje Øklesund for the "Riemengast 1.3" live-review:
06.05.10 special guests Paula Sell, Manuel Kailuweit, Arnold Erben;
18.05.10 special guests Chris Abrahams, Els Vandeweyer, Pablo Juanes;
28.05.10 record release party.



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