[SLW05, 2017]

01. Transverberate
02. Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed
03. The Unmanned Song
04. Unbegotten
05. The Grand Anthem of the Unnoble Nation OfÖ
06. Goddamnland
07. The Slowing Clock
08. Ronald Stark
09. Resume Where God Has Stopped
10. Scurf
11. A Ten Thousand Miles Long Suicide Note
12. Sundrum Ln
13. Ultramarine Blues
14. The Science of Hidden Purposes
15. Revolution in Yr Tongue
16. Green Ice



Gather the worlds going round around you: 
it gets you wrong.
Spin round and out this crowd that wraps you:
I guess you won't.
Easy is when it's up to you
to renegue on a touch by your side.
Easy is when it's overdue 
and everything has lost all its prime.
Everything's slowin', 
you have to get through it
if you really wanna know
how you can dig it better than I... this song you have to wait,
so just look around you,
there could be your new lover.
Give him your number.
Give her your mind.

Transverberate, transmute,
transcend your prowler.

Everything's glowin', no need to get real.
My devilry has come to life.
It took it too far so I need to draw near,
day and night going up the line.
Let's fade away, it's gonna be easy,
let's fade away.
Let's fade away and don't take your ease,
let's fade away.

Everybody's waiting,
everybody took a lie in:
don't you really wanna know
how you can dig it better than I?!

Happy is your lover no more:
I will pick in your pants
till it's stuck in your mind.



Hand out lies and youíll makeíem rise.
Get to a record low, your dream will overgrow.
Please turn this rain into pure pain. 
Rejoice, my friend, rain will bring on the land.

More lies break through the mad storm you already brew.
Down is their whole defence, come play this summer dance.
Iím sure those flies will cause great surprise.
Put on a high shelf any consciousness of self.

Loss is way too much to fear, a micron distant from here.
Mind that some fuzzy place could not be traced at last.
Live on the nail of a god, thereís no cure, thereís no fraud.
Make some effort and think nothing but nothing, yeah... ainít no name to get well-known by.

Youíre wrong, my friend, this is not the end.
Rearmost, utmost, half-lost, feels like a ghost.
Please turn this rain into a solid brain,
a brain who reads between the lines, 
gets the joke and then sublimes.

Bad girls do like good boys, bad boys once broke their toys.
Thatís how weíll make no end, weíll make no sense of it:
it ainít no name to get well-known by.



Sitting in a hallway, 
not even a damn cold bench.
I don't get to lose anymore,
you twist me 'round your fingers on this weird day.
I believe in what you say,
the Black Blocs take four and jeez, you want more...
It's obvious, so obvious.
It's obvious and just another day.

No one less than you could have 
claimed to have found a new way, today.
Shame and death on whom could have 
blamed 'em for hiding away, you say.

Staring at the endlessness,
standing on a Polish landscape.
Here I can't recall anymore
the way that you got caught in a stunning raid.
Here is greying. What did you say?
Please don't take more, please don't take more.
Please don't. Please don't.

All the names you bore, 
all the shoes you wore
haunt you.
That you won't be sold
I didn't warn you so:
I believed in what you said.
All the holes you tore,
all the screws you...
Did you that day find the good time to
blow up all those fascists in the air?

Went so luminous, name a price and pay.
Little teenage dream, light the skies up.
No way, no way... 
no cop shall rise up again on earth.
So libidinous, shall be sounded no charge,
what a glorious unattended mess.
No way, no way...
no discourse shall find its universe.

No one less than you could have got your own back.
Fearless and in bloom are the children on the earth.
Severe is the play you must say it in, so you said.



Do we get back at us today,
Did we ever get to curse our names?
Lead on, instead: maybe we shouldn't know better.
Kill the phoney posers, baby.
Kill the military bands.
Cause we are getting back at them today.

How wary we are of going on talking that much.
Trees are comely, no rapidities.

We should be awake, we should be awake just that much.
So far we wouldn't get loose anymore.

How wary we are: we thought and strove as much.
No rapidities, no rapidities...
In our breath as in our cells
There's something meant to stray.

Slide down the dark mould of all what shines,
We should catch sight of a magnet at the end of time.

How wary we are of something warm and unborn.
Something calmly by zero will divide.
In our clock, it's in our hair,
It's in our lungs, it's there.




Once nought is nought and that's it,
I've got to pitch hay-ho, I've got too...
Ain't no good rich crop and ain't no greed,
I've got to pitch hay-ho, yeah.
Take my most contorted dream
and make some more gunpowder out of it.

High sea is my TV, 
makes me dream to glut.
I never had to testify, 
neither did I kill nor lie.
Needs must when the Devil bites
so His waters can lick your toes.

Beget and get far from me,
sail wherever you've got to go.
Defuse your shackles and
aim whatever you've got to mow.
You've got to sever and
sail whenever to that Goddamnland.



You never wonder what this dream is all about,
d'you ever raised an issue?
You love to rant when toady music's right too loud,
it never bothers you.

No... did she strip for real, did I go wrong?
Then with a shot she shook her breech? Wo wo wo wo!

Oh dear, indeed it's coming hard... to say.
Never upon some praise: never upon some praise.
How could I know to what kind of god I should pray?
Get it along, Her Grace: probably it's not the case.

Rays are singing past for real the slowing clock.
My goodness, it's a splitting trick for real, the slowing clock.
Your voice goes deeply out of sound, and time goes leaping round and round.

Heal and serve, cheerly get high now, don't be inane.
It's number one the way you move!
Back to those mosquitos like new roses on the wall
and don't know why, just slowing clocks...

Ain't no rebel fit to fear the slowing clock.
There are assassins, puritans, 
red giants and you: it's honourable.
No one around has led a narrow, wide or round way.
You never wonder what this dream is all about.



(Medium: "Alright, he's channelled now...")

"Livin' in a trunk it's such a mission,
common trade, pullin' out all your stops.
Common daily blame is not the main hedge.
In the bosom of the Eleven Accordancies, 
we get to rob the cradle of love.
Settle for mo', babe. 
Settle for a maroon fuckin' Porsche, I say.
Livin' in the modern sense
of gettin' in the way it blows.
It's comin' with the rain, 
here and there we go: GLORIA!
Something lives on balmies and claim this land.
Hear it in the water and lead your soul
and all will ease up unmade.
I've come to terms with some frills in this slant.
D.O.P.A.! Bein' a trunk it's such a mission.

Had a son who ran a war and crawled with might and main,
He had poured along the trench and claimed a stop.
So he sent by sample-post all the moments lost in vain.
Had a son the rain involved, he became a star.
Seedin' in an aeroplane 
there's a suited way to lead the boor
to keep calm.

Ain't no war when I get laid,
ain't no patience till I see my prey.
Come and join us here, we send a plein
call to every proud AmeriCain.
Ain't no patience till I see my prey,
ain't no war when I get laid and wait.

Everybody should want it all, 
it's time to answer the call.
Under your tongue it goes
and you will never see me again.
Hey dude, now I tell you something:
how I won with..."



Got Grail,
haven't told 
y'all see the light.

I haven't overrun.

Never mind the din,
the dumb will roar again.



Daddy wore out from within,
in a game I'm stuck.
Dear bro', help me
to live through a deadly sin.
War is black, so am I.
Hang up, pack, go and buy 



"Again, by no means let's get stuck.
Again, by all means let's get around.

Again, brother, I won't keep this long:
I don't want a life I may end.
The point, my brother, by will will not be hard to get to.
I don't need to be mine to get shocked.

Evil like a god I could have been,
I was sixteen and here I let it drop.
Even screechin' bugs lie on the back,
they wring their neck and find a breakthrough.

Evil like a god you could have been too,
you just didn't threaten who you are.
Dreamers catch the pack they won't belong to,
don't merely head for sickening fun,
head back long ago, when the sound was made flesh.

I've met too many cowards in my life
to have no mental reservations here...

To transcend the shrimp I once used to be
it took some kind of divine up-thrust.
It takes long yet to stretch the Devil's back, bro'
you'll just sight some land when
you know you know, time will be right
to make shreds of you and let you fall..."

[53.644.799 pages following]



Wait, I can stop 
To blow me up and hie away.
Blend insomnia tonight.

Hey, a ghost roe deer! 
Tonight I hide away
And ruddy as it seems, 
Ruddy like the sage that we loam.

Ramble on the Sundrum Ln, 
Elbow through the fire, never get the same.
Hijack your December run and you have got in eleven.

Whales roam again as we divined.
How lone and frail can be defined?

And I roam, Iím suffered to hate.
I dug out a hole. My colour rose andÖ

Ramble on the Sundrum Ln, 
Elbow thru the fire, never get the same.
Hijack your December run and you
Ruddy as it seems,
Ruddy like the sage that we loam.
It ruddies thru your eyes,
Ruddies as a side wave will foam.

How lone and frail can be defined?



(Come through: how long will you care?)



Unlay his scars,
Then frame for him a yarn tonight
So much to set him free to tell
How around the core meaning, tonight
Spins a smokescreen of words.
America, donít foretell for me a day to moon,
Away and over, free to tell.

Stare into my eyes,
Difficult to give it up when
Everythingís a drug,
Difficult to feel and here Iím 
Careful not to hurt,
Difficult to gather if we
Play at scaring flies,
Difficult Iím over every usage of my eyes.



Hey my friend, again: itís not the end.
Be sure not to tell anybody.
Iím sure in disguise you'll cause great surprise.
Put on a white dress, hold your breath, 
trust in who we are and nothing else matters...



My hand
it waned for a year, so
heal my arm.

My hand
it waned on a mere, so
swinge my heart.

It waned into the sea
and we work on through the beat.
Our colours can be saved,
we don't tread on new disgrace.

My hand
yearns for your heel so...
it swings my heart.

It's swinging to the sea
and we work on through the Beast.
The Devil tunes his say
and we work on through His grave,
we don't tread on new disgrace.
In a sudden trance, our hordes
they will lead a silent war.
Green ice.



THE SOMNAMBULIST | Sophia Verloren

[SE021/AC022, 2012]

01. My Own Paranormal Activity 
02. Logsailor
03. ... And The Snow Still Falls
04. Dried Fireflies Dust
05. Sophia Verloren
06. A Daisy Field 
07. Steam 
08. Monday Morning Carnage



A wailer, down on coaling dawns,
a reasoning faith he sates.
Indigo skies dole the unknown that
out from my stain, secrets Iíve known 
did crowd. Getting down.
Solid ground: safe.

Rainís a self-cuff, tow it down.
Is it safe to pray?

Rainclouds and lefties
gain fast ground.
Their breed is selfsame,
let them get back.

A wailer, down on coaling dawns,
a reasoning faith he sates.
Rain is a boundary, it grows the unknown that
a naked taste taints and explores.
In the past, solid ground
waved under gusts from a godly mouth.
In the Seventh Century he saw that
I give today beauty Iíve known
out of space, undergound.



Eerie, egad! Say: had they gathered in a row?
Itís a cod day to get my little foes.
Hey, címon, say: are they gatheriní in the world?
Itís a cod day to get them lyrical.
On the high side I got my heady growth.
Greasy knots slide, and slide, and slide.
Itís a grand time to get moí physical.
Hey, címon! Slide, mob and let it go.

Into a somber brine 
Iíve been blithsome and thine,
Iíve been undressed in grey (and slide, and slide).
Into this, war is an escape.

Go white, lie 
in a low-gear-howl.
See intruders hide.
Can you call them out aloud
and claim nice rights?
On my log, I got to let it go.
Oh my! Loamy saints!



Time is a screw,
a screw that turns into time.
Time is a drop.
Time is a drop that falls everyday
... and the snow still falls.

A screw is a beast that laughs everytime.
Time is a drop.
Time is a drop.
A drop is a star that wants to be known
... and the snow still falls,
somewhere still falls.



Let me sing an ancient song
Ďbout a river insane and a precious bond.
But bully or open a frame and the river is gone.

A longing shame will lead you on,
find a grazing land and a rusty prong.
Step on and hold on to your way and the meaning is gone.
Sent by the river, remains remain.

Blacken the day and bleach the night,
blaze and time will prove you right.
Get on hormones and blow, get on this tub and row.

Wondrous lands are growing wide.
Down the river, sail uptight.
Waning moons they hole through a frame and light out.

Boat the oar and drink assís milk,
then twine a red hair with a white one 
and burn aniseed. Throw overboard 
a rose quartz and three lady-fern leaves,
vervain, rose galls and dried fireflies dust.



Bridges toss in a dim dread night,
weíre in foal and carís squeezing rain.
Donít sleep this night, sate me.

Purest form is a dim dread light,
did you test some empty weight?
Donít sleep this night, sate me.
Youíre my rear red light, save me.

Roadís gone out of reason, itís going too far.

Wipers are exhausted, theyíre moaning like a mog.
You turn on the radio, they play a jitterbug.
It doesnít stand to reason that we have come so far.
It doesnít matter, things just donít even out.

Road is a basilic vein, a riverbed of souls.
The edge is full of strange hounds, they stare at us and growl.
Hope no one will cross.
The brakeís already dead and the road is going too far.

Roadís gone out of reason, itís going too far.

The bleak fields are creased by the mowing,
They make my flesh crawl, and the road is going too far.
You just give a seeping groan,
You shut off the headlights, and the road is going too far.

HEY! You bad sleepsender
ten yards
four days
spent on a shore
listening to shells
jinking roll
tidal rise

The day the moon will fall into the sea,
hope youíll wake up in your garage
and get off your car.



A daisy field, the wind blows.
Daisies look like a crowd, a crowd in a giant riot.
I notice the waves, the wind lines, on which I concentrate.
Crowds donít hit themselves harmonically but daisies do.

And the hail flows.
Daisies look like a crowd under a ghastly stoning.
I notice the jerks, the crash points, on which I concentrate.
Crowds donít take the strain harmonically but daisies do.

And the bonfires glow.
Daisies look like a crowd going into a perfect rapture.
I notice the way the flames shade, on which I concentrate.
Donít you know yourself harmonically like daisies do?



Speed up your breath.
Crane your neck Ďhead.
Deaf and dumb signs.
We need wrong science.

A seeming you screams in a little bad dream,
where the sunny sides just go luck.
See it as steam in a little bad dream,
when your fingernails just go rough.

Leaning cramboes are running on,
never give up all your windows so the wind wonít stop.
Leaning cramboes are running on,
never give up all your sinews so the sin wonít stop.
Simmerís running on
and you donít romp thru,
you donít romp.

Got bored: hate me.
Dive in and see.
Ghosts caught Ďtween drapes.
Thatís dire and itís strait.

A seeming you screams in a little bad dream,
where the nazi-punks just go fuck.
See it as steam in a little bad dream,
when the amplifiers just go rock.

See it as steam in a little bad dream, itís life afloat.
Military superstition. Crowdís so strange.
Puzzlement and sphacelation. Nightdressfall.
Lemures are feeling creatures. Infiltrate
and exceed you power.
The world is tired and needs friends,
this kind of clerk flourishes in faceless centuries.

Plumbeous prate. A daughter pregnant with her mother.
Coastwise freight. Did you meet a drunken toddler?
Six years late. Cycle ride in reverse motion.
Quayside crane and a crib in a desert.
So let it out from under your bed.
All mistakes play dead.



Annie, see and tell me why
I long for things I canít catch anyhow.
Come to wake me up,
donít let me drown in me.
In my latest craze,
no one comes anymore to deny. 

Annie, lean your eardrop on my bedside,
tell me why I long no more for the stars and beyond.
Come to wake me up,
donít let me play again with a gun.
Bring me back the one I miss.
Harpies soil me.
In a blue dead calm
there would be no harm.

No oneís coming away, 
no oneís coming again to part.
My dreams glow.
If Iím losing my way,
Annie, donít leave me here to starve
for never-ending soiling.
In a blue dead calm thereís no more hard lines.
In a blue dead calm thereís no way-in to a full shell.
Thereís no way-out.
Beyond moan.
Every man to his station.
Beyond moan.
No oneís coming again, 
no oneís coming away to part my dreams.

Then I always get my feet wet:
in rain or fine I always get my feet wet.
Come to wake me up,
donít let me.

Annie, see and tell me why.
See and tell me why.































































THE SOMNAMBULIST | Moda Borderline

 [AC007, 2010]

01. Red Carpet 
02. Don't You Want To Devour This War? 
03. Luce 
04. Moda Borderline 
05. 80's Violence 
06. Quinto Mistero Della Gioia 
07. God Is Not A Good Shot 
08. Alice Never



Goddam evil trend
By a wire a drone I suspend
Man-on-man, end or mend
On this red carpet we strand

Scrub brush, dead hole
Noblewomen hustle their dole
Turn tail, get bare
Arm mines, handle with care

It tears up and levels tears up

Loud are the waves in this night, so rejoice
Crashing these rocks, they are spreading their voice
All the arrivistes and bootlickers shake their bad asses
They oscillate and hypnotize: take your own aim
Airlines and crankgears, invoiced and cranes
Ruby are feelings, so irradiate flames
Ride on Holy Joes, piggyback, whiplash, jog trot
Level these tears up 



and now get out, isolate
get out information
fuck you, out!

forget your bad supersoul
move on absolution
fuck you, out! 

and now a cuss, grainy cross-grain
your nail and its taste
the superman flies high

get down, lil' girl, to supervene, 
you godsend, bright as grace
so crash-land me

a jar, a beam, a giddy-great-head
you ride out the faith
then fuck you, out! 

rebate this used and stupid cloak
colleague, free the nation
the superman

strain your car and see
don't you want to devour this war

and now get out, concentrate
get out, destination
tease it out

and thrill and shout
and never stop 
walk on to the most
perfect quake

strain your car and see
don't you want to devour this war

What is 



Can you see the fun
of a green and endless sun?
I will leaf thru my moods again
That's a harsh and mean
way of getting in
I will leaf thru my moods again
A deadly-pale face peers
every morning thru my fears
Heading off my bent
for the aqueous climbing plant
I will leaf thru my moods again

Yeah, not really half bad

Slippery is sex
I will leaf thru my moods again

Fingers vanish much 
sooner than they touch
I will leaf thru my cracks again
I will leaf thru my cracks again

Staring at the goats
Staring 'til they explode

That's a harsh and mean
way of getting in
I will leaf thru my moods again



Don't stun me babe
Don't you see the starry sky?
Don't shop with me
Don't you know I could misguide?
Don't rock me babe
Would you really meet the thirst?
Don't mock me babe
'Cause I could hide under your bed.

Don't fool me ba-ba-baby
Have you seen all your little scars?
I know you were born from a blow-job
You better ask your dad
Call me motherfucker and I'll cover you with lead
I'll dig you in a kitchen and destroy your teddy-bear
Your stupid screams are making me sick

Don't touch me babe
Don't you know I'm made of slime?
Don't hurt me babe
Don't you know I'm made of fire?

Just till you dig deep-deeper
Dig deeper than your deepest scar
I will never have enough cause your cunt shines
Shines into my eyes
it's the mighty sun that dims the other stars in sky
Your vacant personality's not convincing as much
You think that I'm your puppet and I like to let you think
Cause you're my toy
My favourite toy
I use you to feel better



over the street the crowd screamed out
want to be like no other
I see you in there thru a grill and trapped doves
you will meet 80s violence
you gave to me
just a box made of sweet-smelling flesh
to be filled by my dreams
but my dreams are old-fashioned
without advertising breakdown

like a bar full of smoke
where we could lose and find ourselves
my dreams are violent
like a never-ending landscape
blessed girl!, you make fun of pain

that should be due to your young age
if you keep clear of earthquake and seaquake
but the opposite should be true
that should be due to your metro-cradle
if you keep clear of silence
but the opposite should be true
that should be due to I don't know what
if I'm not so much talked about
but the opposite should be true
that should be due to the tired ground
where they grew me

at the point of exploding
she insisted on laughing
then she fell - yeah, she fell
under the menace of a cigarette
blessed girl!, you can say goodbye






Once, when I thought to excess,
my skull broke and so I
caught myself wishing the rain.

Today it rains, so we meet.
Don't be afraid on Thursday,
when in my bed you'll fall asleep.

Friday you'll wake up 
in a desert land
with your best dress on,
so what's the use of being the sexiest girl?
I forgot to have sex for 13.000 years,
an Elsewhere that ever walks behind me
is growing and God is not a good shot.

Fluorescent snow falls 
in that desert land
where you're calling me,
but I can only make my empty bed.
Walk and meditate just for 13.000 years,
an Elsewhere that ever walks behind you
is growing and God is not.

One day I'll sleep to excess,
I will find my stunned self
flabby and merged into my bed.
Ceiling will hide a clear sky,
somewhere ground's remaining
dry and barren without rain. 



Could I get lost
if I dream like a ghost?
See you, weird tum
See you, my son.

Alice her name,
don't go into details:
Alice gets at
top shelves like a brat.

Alice sinks down in the ocean 
and slams coffee grounds,
goes mouth to mouth.
Alice is trying my patience,
brings black coals to eat,
takes her mind off me. 

Alice never drinks my good health.
See you, cheers, actors by birth.
Dance on people, dance on my nerves.
Green is chilling, orange still jerks.
Alice never gives her good passion to elevate me.

Alice's not wrong, 
reads in my tongue, 
doesn't like my face, 
doesn't like my race.

Alice is well-run and friendly,
she sleeps to her best:
atom bomb test.

Orange and green, Alice never
got it one with her left.
Which thought comes in last?

Rainy railways at dawn,
all ghosts are alone.
Wool telephone.
Naked feet on the grass,
ice smooth like a glass. 
Alice wants a mess and sinks down in the ocean,
she tears her bad faith away:
she likes it this way.