It confuses, enchants and entraps. It wanders only apparently distracted, but yet self-aware. It slips into a maze of solutions without solution, it returns to the starting point without ever having left. It throws it all away and starts singing again. It transforms scenarios and characters. It whips, thrashes and reflects. It speaks to the masses, which as usual only listen to what they want. Then it looks away and asks for commitment and attention. That of the faithful followers of the cult. Amen

Hypermnesiac has been declared Album of the Year 2020 by MusicMap Magazine (IT), as well as one of the Top 30 Albums released in 2020 by MusicZine (BE)

An extremely meticulous outing, The Somnambulist make music that no one else could, as the three members display exceptional fluidity and a daring ability to mesh jazz, funk, industrial and cinematic qualities with this very unique effort

Take Effect (US)

Hypermnesiac is impressive and doesn’t screw up a single second. An essential piece, and not only within the band’s discography 

À découvrir absolutement (FR)

An approach to composing music that is completely different than any other band

Blueprint (DE)

Hypermnesiac does not deserve to go unnoticed. The Somnambulist is an enrichment in the landscape of inimitable music

Written in Music (NL)

I’ll not dance around it: it’s their masterpiece. It’s just not a damn good record: it’s an important one. If there is a road for rock music to come back to speaking to us with its former strength, it’ll pass through records like this one

PensieroSecondario (IT)

Every song on Hypermnesiac has the ability to transform and develop its moods. Rock with a lot of meaning, fine artistry and a warm and wonderful sound 

Artnoir Musik Magazin (CH)

Adventurous music which favors tension over surprise, the roundness of sound over sudden jolts, intriguing without ever bothering. Distilling a sustained electric atmosphere with no excessive distortion or fury, it is a blazing album as we like it

Esprit Critique (BE) 

Their music is difficult to classify, since they move with equal slack in the murky waters of industrial music, jazz, art rock and new wave

Muzikalia (ES)

Songs which don’t belong to any church, right at a crossroad without indicative panels. A sound texture of great strength, such as a pictorial fresco without space limitations. It’s hard to put words on what you’re listening to

Abus Dangereux #154 (FR)

It is within conflict that this album burns, in the contrast and interrelation between people and their innermost fears. It does not grant any wish to the listeners: on the contrary it tests their limits, it pushes them to ask for more

Heart of Glass (IT)

Free of dogmatic thinking. The easy glowing offset of an idea that John Cage has been already able to translate in exciting music forms

Underdog (DE)

An album that offers us surprising moments made of multilayered music

Music in Belgium (BE)

A stunning album drowned in waters of excellence

Muzzart (FR)

A non-place which is a black hole of the entire Rock Music

Music Map (IT)

An extremely precise album of such beauty which is difficult to go around

Des cendres à la cave (FR)

In the world of The Somnambulist there are no rules. Only an ingenious and sophisticated band like this could have been able to track down the most hidden congruences between the infinite and disparate influences, giving life to a surprisingly cohesive and uncompromising record

Rockit (IT)

Not a single song is like the other

MusicZine (BE)

An all-inclusive musical dimension

Radioaktiv (IT)

Elegant but firm. Luminous on a tragic background. Fragile, meticulous but without ostentation. The songs become heady, irresistible, flow slowly yet surely in the sensory cortex, warm it up, tenderize it, hypnotize it

Perte & Fracas (FR)

A sense of sinister and warm incompleteness

Rumore (IT)

No Sleep Until Heaven is a grungy throwback to the late 90s – early 00s found footage horror aesthetic, albeit with a more impactful artistic flare. A layer of ‘degraded video tape’ distortion cloaks the chopped imagery, creating the sensation that you’ve found something discarded that you were never meant to see

Everything is Noise (EU)

Doubleflower skilfully walks the tightrope between relaxed moments and cerebral ideas of art rock, stimulates the listener’s imagination and tickles the brain until you don’t forget about the band anymore

ArtNoir Musik Magazine (CH)

Doubleflower offers us a piece of alternative rock through a sonority that is both fluid and vulnerable until we reach its end, where it joins those crazy atmospheres of jazz and improvisational elements that make our hears extremely enthusiastic

Threshold Magazine (PT)