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THE SOMNAMBULIST is the project of a fluid international collective of Berlin-based musicians which defies any easy classification: from neo-psychedelia to nu jazz, from post-punk to post-progressive, they can use genres like the keys of a piano, a colour palette for producing innovative textures, moods and emotions. In its decade-long existence, the band has released three full-length albums (Moda Borderline, Sophia Verloren and Quantum Porn) as well as several singles and EPs: Hypermnesiac, the new studio album, has been released in February 2020 on the band’s own label Slowing Records. Besides their own musical universe, THE SOMNAMBULIST also earned international reputation for composing an original live soundtrack for the German silent movie “Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt” (1927), which they performed in movie theaters all across Europe: this performance won the 2014 Rimusicazioni Film Festival Award in Bolzano, Italy. 

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Moda Borderline, CD/Digital [Acid Cobra Records, 2010]
Sophia Verloren, CD/Digital [Solaris Empire/Acid Cobra, 2012]
Quantum Porn, CD/Digital [Slowing Records, 2017]
Hypermnesiac, CD/Digital [Slowing Records, 2020]

Singles & EPs
Live in Berlin, Digital [Acid Cobra Digital, 2011]
Transverberate, Digital Single [Slowing Records, 2016]
Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed, Digital Single [Slowing Records, 2016]
Unbegotten, Digital EP [Slowing Records, 2016]
Monday Morning Carnage, Digital Single [Slowing Records, 2017]

Music Videos
Red Carpet [Acid Cobra, 2010]
Sophia Verloren [Solaris Empire/Acid Cobra, 2012]
Transverberate [Slowing Records, 2016]
Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed [Slowing Records, 2016]
The Slowing Clock [Slowing Records, 2016]
Doubleflower [Slowing Records, 2019]
Film [Slowing Records, 2020]
No Sleep Until Heaven [Slowing Records, 2020]
Tom’s Still Waiting [Slowing Records, 2020]

Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt by Walther Ruttmann, 1927 [Centre Jean Vigo/Goethe Institut, 2011]