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  1. Film
  2. No Sleep Until Heaven
  3. Doubleflower
  4. No Use for More
  5. At Least One Point at Which It Is Unfathomable
  6. Tom’s Still Waiting
  7. Ten Thousand Miles Longer

“An essential piece, and not only within the band’s discography”

À découvrir absolument (FR)

“Rock with a lot of meaning, fine artistry and a warm and wonderful sound”

Artnoir Musik Magazin (CH)

“It does not grant any listeners’ wish: on the contrary, it tests their limits and pushes them to ask for more”

Heart of Glass (IT)

“An approach to composing music that is completely different than any other band”

Blueprint (DE)

“Hypermnesiac does not deserve to go unnoticed. The Somnambulist is an enrichment in the landscape of inimitable music”

Written in Music (NL)

“An album that offers us surprising moments made of multilayered music”

Music in Belgium (FR)

“An all-inclusive musical dimension”

Radioaktiv (IT)

“Not a single song is like the other”

Musiczine (FR)

“Not a single “Their music is difficult to classify, since they move with equal slack in the murky waters of industrial music, jazz, art rock and new wave”

Muzikalia (ES)

“I’ll not dance around it: it’s their masterpiece”

PensieroSecondario (IT)

“It makes our ears extremely enthusiastic”

Threshold Magazine (PT)

An extremely precise album of such beauty that is difficult to go around. Magnificent

Des cendres à la cave (FR)

“A non-place which is a black hole of the entire rock music”

Music Map (IT)

“These songs are heady, irresistible, flow slowly yet surely in the sensory cortex, warm it up, tenderize it, hypnotize it”

Perte & Fracas (FR)

“The band plucks and digs into the musical cabinet of wonder and always keeps the focus on the driving dynamic groove, the easy glowing offset of an idea that John Cage have been already able to translate in exciting music forms”

Underdog (DE)

“A stunning album drowned in waters of excellence”

Muzzart (FR)

A surprisingly cohesive and uncompromising record

Rockit (IT)